News Flash! Now expanded with dual monitors, 72 tracks of Pro Tools HD, and 72 Tracks of iz Technology Radar w/Session Controller and Meter Bridge, running as a redundant backup. Also, a Full Multi-Cam 53' Expando HD Video Truck coming on-line soon.

72 Tracks-at-once Recording at 24 Bit/48k. 96kk and 192k sample rate options. Full SMPTE and house sync capabilities. Either generate or chase, you get frame accurate sync for High Definition Television and BR-DVD.

The obvious choice for your next Broadcast or DVD Project.
All in a package that goes wherever you need it. Pro Tools,
Radars, Console, Nearfields, Monitors and Splitter, all in road
cases. A turnkey solution for your multi-track audio acquisition
needs. Contact us today and find out why we are the perfect choice
for your next project. Daily, weekly and monthly rates available.

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